Table of Contents: District Administration, Mar 2010

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Cover Story

At last, teachers' unions are beginning to support bold school reform.



Proactively training employees is crucial to a district strategy.
District leaders should know the legal implications and heed practical recommendations.
Georgia's superintendent of schools is a controversial educator who won $1 million on a television show, attempted to tinker with science education and has advanced teacher training.
Full-time virtual schools offer a new model of instruction.


Supervisors Opinion

Administrators need to understand this activity and develop appropriate policies.

Crisis Response

Identifying and supporting a marginalized and victimized population.



With districts facing budget concerns nationwide, library media programs and staffing are limited.

Administrator Profile

Merrill and his board developed "Compass to 2015: A Strategic Plan for Student Success."

District Profile

$12.4 million in grant money was given to public primary and secondary schools to support "critical foreign languages" such as Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Russian, to help students compete in a global marketplace.


News Update

The popularity of thin clients may soon diminish as districts catch wind of zero clients.
President Obama's FY 2011 budget proposal includes a $400 billion investment in education—but it lacks any funding specifically dedicated to school libraries.
Undue punitive policies are driving students down a path toward prison, according to a study from the Advancement Project.
Two recent reports detailing rates of teenage pregnancy and sexual activity have renewed debate about abstinence-based sex education.
The perception that a college applicant faces more challenges each year may be nothing more than mere myth, according to new study.
"Once-in-a-generation" opportunity to recreate workforce policies in order to retain the current fleet of teachers.
Major education groups have praise and reservations.
Conn. lawmaker vows to pursue legislation mandating that seat belts be installed in school buses following the tragic death of a teenager.

Curriculum Update

No Child Left Behind Act has created a number of negative effects on art education, according to new study.
In May, the Texas State Board of Education will hold a final vote on a radical new social studies curriculum to be used for the next seven to 10 years.


Math Curriculum Software
Hank Kepner, president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
If the AFT membership accepts Weingarten's recommendations, the possibility of real education reform could be near.
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