Table of Contents: District Administration, Apr 2010

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Cover Story

Physical education classes incorporate alternative activities for students to lead healthier lives.



Making your technology environment student centered.
Increased education funding and new software and products motivate more districts to buy in to Response-to-Intervention.
Does the Obama administration's strategy really work?


Online Edge

Thinking differently about education and technology.

Student Counsel

What's behind the explosive growth of Advanced Placement?


District Profile

Denver (Colo.) Public Schools

Administrator Profile

Superintendent Walt Rulffes of Nevada's Clark County School District


News Update

The president's proposed reauthorization of NCLB is welcome, but with many buts.
For districts seeking to construct, renovate, rehabilitate or acquire land, “Eddie Tech” has made an innovative program to simplify the process of accessing low-cost financing.
Districts across the country have implemented enrollment caps to prevent class sizes from becoming too large in schools with swelling enrollments.
Female elementary school teachers may project a fear of math onto their female students, according to a new study.
Over 40 states are currently developing legislation that will set standards for when a student athlete can return to the playing field.
A new study supports the philosophy that social and emotional learning improves student achievement and social behavior.
Education groups respond to the proposed draft of common core standards for K12 in English and math.


Acclaimed educators Rudy Crew and Manny Rivera
DA offers stories on teaching students how to appreciate lifelong sports, and DA introduces DA Digital.
The latest in Hardware, Software, Books & Materials, Facilities, and the Internet.
Visual presenters become more affordable.