Table of Contents: District Administration, May 2010

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Cover Story

In education, Texas has been a source of both controversy and innovation. The First of a Three State Series.



Student empowerment is becoming a catchword—and a way of life—on campuses around the country.
Terry Grier, the new superintendent of the Houston Independent School District, moves quickly to improve teacher quality and student performance.
Los Angeles and 31 other districts undergo federal compliance reviews.


Crisis Response

Administrators need to take concrete steps to address this behavior.

Supervisors Opinion

Management and unions must work together in the face of an unprecedented funding crisis for public schools.

Professional Opinion

Career and technical leaders have made reading and writing skills a top priority.


District Profile

Pittsburgh Public Schools was the focus this year of a competition at UC Berkeley in addition to winning a $40 million grant from the Gates Foundation for their Empowering Effective Teachers initiative.

Administrator Profile

Superintendent Richard Middleton of San Antonio's (Texas) North East Independent School District knew that by increasing attendance rates his district would receive more state education funding.


Individualizing Instruction with Technology


News Update

Group hopes to uphold the right of a public school to deny recognition to a student organization that does not comply with the school's open membership policies.
Proposed No Child Left Inside bill would create room in the education budget for environmental education.
Students' performance is enhanced when setting personal goals is integrated into a seventh-grade mathematics curriculum.
An increasing number of students are finding themselves mingling among professionals with internships in local businesses—the culmination of a work-based learning curriculum.


School boards face increasing challenges in these tough economic times including more federal mandates, charter school initiatives and a lack of alignment with community expectations.
The latest in hardware, software, books and materials, facilities and the Internet.
Multifunction printers add K12 tools.
Superintendent of Central Falls (R.I.) Schools Frances Gallo
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