Table of Contents: District Administration, Jun 2010

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Cover Story

Innovative Leaders Take the Phone and Run: Profiles of four trailblazing programs.



Watkins Glen (N.Y.) Central School District
Over the last 15 years, Florida has become a battleground for school reform. The second of a three-state series.
Margaret Smith, the superintendent of Volusia County (Fla.) School District, uses her collaborative leadership style to get the job done.
District leaders need to take responsibility for teaching students how to wisely navigate the Internet.
District administrators craft incentives to attract and retain teachers.


Administrator Profile

Jeanne Biddle, Technology Director of Scott County (Ky.) Schools

District Profile

If the Walnut Creek (Calif) School District needs extra funding, it turns to its education foundation.

Research Center

Recent studies call for increased funding.


News Update

As the nation prepares for common core standards in math and English language arts, a framework to guide new science standards is getting closer.
Student interest in string programs nationwide have increased, according to a study by the National String Project Consortium (NSCP).
Documentary film, A Right Denied: The Critical Need for Genuine School Reform, examines the need for children of all economic backgrounds in the United States have the same education.
An experimental initiative that tests the potential of augmented reality for K12 education has begun in the San Diego Museum of Art.
Two New Hampshire school systems, the Pembroke School District and Winnisquam Regional School District (WRS D), are reducing their carbon dioxide emissions by transitioning to biomass- fueled plants.
Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) will be putting the final touches on 25 refurbished buildings that will receive the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.
A new report finds that although a majority of K12 educators believe that financial literacy is an important content area, only a small minority feel qualified to teach it.
A new report from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) aims to find common goals between mathematics researchers and practitioners.
New and Innovative summer programs attempt to stimulate students academically rather than provide sheer credit recovery or test prep classes that get kids "through" the tests.
It is within the academic realm of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) that the foundations for future disaster-aversion could be built.


Teaching students about the right way and the safe way to navigate the Internet is a role for school districts to take on.
Chuck Saylor, president of the national Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
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Interactive whiteboards add new tools and training.
The latest in hardware, software, books and materials, facilities and the Internet.