Table of Contents: District Administration, Nov 2010

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Cover Story

This year's winning products, presented in random order, including many insightful comments we received from readers.



The 2010 winners reflect how educators and the industry responded to a challenging year.
This year's winning products, presented in random order, including many insightful comments we received from readers.
Educators seek new strategies to address persistent achievement gaps and discrimination against African-American students.
The Recovery Act has given a boost to shovel-ready, energy-efficiency projects in districts across the nation.
New recommendations urge every superintendent to have a technology strategy—or risk falling behind.


Supervisors Opinion

They have a broader range of needs than just curriculum and instruction.

Professional Opinion

Increasing attention to the nurturing of gifted students should be a national imperative.

Student Counsel

The process has become so competitive that some students are hiring teams of experts, tipping the scale even further away from lower-income students.

Going Mobile

Could they be the hope and future of education in America?


District Profile

Council Rock (Pa.) School District's success has been possible because board members, staffers, students and parents have all embraced the same idea—small actions, taken collectively, can yield huge changes.

Administrator Profile

Mohsin Dada, assistant superintendent for business services, used a competitive sale to buy the districts latest bond.


How St. Louis-based Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation continued operations with the two-year closing of an interstate highway.


News Update

Startl, is a new nonprofit organization promoting the proliferation of new media in education.
On Nov. 3, the Supreme Court heard arguments for a school choice case challenging the precedent set for the Establishment Clause—the separation of church and state.
A North Carolina district, which was plagued with underperforming schools in the 1990s, revamped its leadership, instruction and culture to be a class act for the 21st century—and an example for other districts.
Current assessments have been criticized because they are said to be unfair for ELL students. Enhanced Assessment Grants are aimed at curbing this academic impasse.
Apple's iPad has received an unanticipated reaction from the autistic community.
Project RED (Revolutionizing Education), an alliance of technology education leaders from across the nation, released its findings on Oct. 20 after studying how technology is implemented in nearly 1,000 schools. DA spoke with the Project RED president and CEO of the Hayes Connection, Jeanne Hayes.
Recent news reports of potential bias and discrimination against Muslims bring calls for teaching Islam in public schools.


Rock star status, by my definition, tends to be conferred upon people who are able to reach a large number of people with their work and, as a result, affect change.