Table of Contents: District Administration, Mar 2011

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Cover Story

Districts build on the success of private, internationally oriented schools and foreign language programs.



The nation's next education reform movement shifts to more customized learning to ensure students master skills before advancing.
Districts are using data warehouses and data dashboards to drive immediate decisions.
Districts build on the success of private, internationally oriented schools and foreign language programs.
A grants expert explains how school tech leaders must secure their funding not just from one big federal fund, but from various avenues.
The American Institute of Architects honors a few buildings that reveal environmental stewardship.
In more than one big city school district, including now Seattle, superintendents who have put smart reforms in place, yielding positive results for students, have been removed too soon.


Professional Opinion

As creative as a superintendent may be, education reform is limited by state infrastructure.

Supervisors Opinion

Teacher attrition due to layoffs may break the teacher supply line nationwide.

Going Mobile

Refocus on only that which moves the needle of student performance.


Administrator Profile

Glen Rock (N.J.) curriculum chief Kathleen Regan says key to the equation is integrated STEM lessons.

District Profile

New Canaan (Conn.) Public Schools award-winning library media center models an affordable vision for 21st Century collaborative teaching


News Update

New study shows that per-pupil spending as nearly tripled over the last 40 years. While some states have shown improvements in student achievement, others have remained stagnant.
Districts are continuing to face many challenges in filing for reimbursement for the Medicaid services they provide to students.
Just as the Consumer Electronics Show proclaimed 2011 as the "Year of the Tablet PC," FETC indicated that this year will be known for the arrival of tablets designed for education.
If you think your district needs further preparation to implement the common core state standards (CCSS), you're not alone.
After nine years of terrorizing schools nationwide, NCLB is about to be reformed, but even more importantly, renamed.
The resolution that Gallo and the Central Falls Teachers' Union agreed upon.
Study finds that changes in friendships while students transition from elementary school into the middle school years may trigger a student's academic success or defeat.
Botnets infiltrate computers and take advantage of the affected computers’ Web browser vulnerabilities while spreading spam and viruses.
How one district uses snow days to extend the school day and online learning opportunities for their students.


Recommended reading for district leaders.
The latest in hardware, software, books and materials, facilities and the Internet.
Personalized learning will be the next biggest reform movement in education.