Table of Contents: District Administration, Apr 2011

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Cover Story

DA editors look back over 15 years at the tenure of the men and women who have led the 10 largest districts in the nation.



DA editors look back over 15 years at the tenure of the men and women who have led the 10 largest districts in the nation.
School districts ramp up science, technology, engineering and math curriculum as it gains more attention locally and nationally.
Under increasing pressure to raise scores or risk losing their jobs, some teachers and administrators are being pushed over the edge.
Using graduate data to assess achievement in K12.


Online Edge

How do we re-envision the interactions between teachers and students?

Going Mobile

Carts of laptops haven’t raised student achievement—and neither will carts of iPads.

Professional Opinion

This redesign will help to deepen and enrich students' readiness to become our next generation of scientists, engineers and historians.
In more than one big city school district, including now Seattle, superintendents who have put smart reforms in place, yielding positive results for students, have been removed too soon.



Administrator Profile

This Minnesota superintendent is trying to close this "excellence gap" through innovative curricula.

District Profile

Clermont (Ohio) Northeastern Schools' thrifty ways of saving money.


News Update

Departments of education at the state level with high-quality longitudinal data systems in place have doubled within the last year.
Memphis (Tenn.) City Schools will forfeit its charter after a landmark vote in the city on March 8 mandated the district allow Shelby County—its neighboring suburban district—to regain control of its school system.
A nationwide survey of forty-two states and the District of Columbia examined how states are using the $3.5 billion in School Improvement Grants.
The Software and Information Industry Association has released Don't Copy That 2, which includes a rap video and classroom resources to discuss online copyright infringement, piracy and how to become a responsible digital citizen.
Bed bugs are a continuing problem in urban districts across the country.
District administrators in Wisconsin would appreciate greater management leeway in negotiations with teachers' unions, but many say the collective bargaining restrictions crafted by Gov. Scott Walker and the republican-controlled legislature go too far.


The latest in hardware, software, books and materials, facilities and the Internet.
Teaching STEM Skills with Science Software
Two recent reports on the tenure of superintendents inspired us this month to look into the history of superintendents serving in the 10 largest school districts in the country.
Feedback from our readers.
Jerry Weast, superintendent of Montgomery (Md.) County Public Schools has navigated the district through a comprehensive school reform effort.