Table of Contents: District Administration, May 2011

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Cover Story

New training models have emerged for preparing school leaders to transform low-achieving schools.



Providing a birth-to-employment education can stop students from falling through the cracks.
New training models have emerged for preparing school leaders to transform low-achieving schools.
Elementary schools that buck tradition and place recess before lunch consistently report improvements in student nutrition and behavior.
Anthony Tata brings three decades of military experience to his new job leading schools—and some of its controversial policies—in Wake County, N.C.
This California district demonstrates that students can be the foundation of all school financial decisions.


Professional Opinion

Educators can ensure success by understanding the causes of postsecondary failure.

Going Mobile

This inevitable shift is at the heart of school change.

Crisis Response

Educators can take a number of proactive steps towards preventing a tragedy.


Administrator Profile

Michele Hancock, recently hired superintendent of Kenosha (Wis.) Unified School District No. 1, is transforming all practices, programs and policies to ensure they meet the needs of all students.

District Profile

Boston Public Schools is seeing the results of City Connects (CCNX)—its intervention, prevention and enrichment program that works with teachers to pair students with community-based services.

Research Center

Online social networking includes much more than Facebook and Twitter. It is any online use of technology to connect people, enable them to collaborate with each other, and form virtual communities.


News Update

Roughly 82 percent of schools will face sanctions for failing to make AYP under the current regulations of NCLB.
U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has urged more inclusion in the classroom and an end to the “2 percent rule,” which disguises the performance of students with special needs to boost a school’s scores.
The Connect All Schools Initiative has an ambitious goal: To link all schools internationally by 2016.
The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program has become a ghost town since the Obama administration began phasing out the controversial voucher program. It has seen signs of a revival, however.
The new Gloria Marshall Elementary School, opening this fall in Texas, will sport an aquatic pond, a butterfly garden, an above-ground cistern and a wind turbine.
A new teacher performance model will evaluate lesson plans, grade books, assignments and class videos to both assess teachers and improve teacher licensure programs.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that it will be expanding the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.


Recommended reading for district leaders.
Achieving one to one with netbooks.
The latest in hardware, software, books and materials, facilities and the Internet.
Superintendent Valeria Silva, Saint Paul (Minn.) Public Schools
This issue highlights how difficult it can be to match leaders with districts, but also how wonderful it can be when those matches result in positive changes.