Table of Contents: District Administration, June 2011

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Cover Story

After nearly a decade of ambitious programs that put a laptop in the hands of every student, have they made any difference?



We recently spoke with Eileen Lento, an education and government strategist at Intel, about her observations on one-to-one programs in K12 schools.
Three states led the way in large-scale one-to-one programs.
Mainstreaming, population shifts, early intervention and budget cuts create challenges and opportunities for district leaders.
District technology leaders are taking on greater responsibilities and contributing to the strategic vision of school systems.
The National Center on Education and Economy released a report that outlines key aspects of other educational systems worldwide that are outperforming the U.S.
It became the first state to require school districts to include the contributions of gay Americans in their social studies curriculum.
Exploding state budget deficits are forcing administrators to cut their own jobs.
After nearly a decade of ambitious programs that put a laptop in the hands of every student, have they made any difference?


Student Counsel

Educators should stay focused on what's important to students and help them and their families put the acrimonious public debate on education in proper perspective.

Going Mobile

A great cultural transformation in K12 learning must take place.

Professional Opinion

These steps will help your district protect students and staff without infringing on their rights.


District Profile

The turnaround in El Paso (Texas) Independent School District has been striking.

Administrator Profile

Mark Edwards in the Mooresville (N.C.) Graded School District has drawn national recognition for a digital conversion effort.


As enrollment increased rapidly in the Humble (Texas) Independent School District, administrators found a way to keep standards high.


News Update

Unions around the country are fearing their collective bargaining rights will too be taken away.
Will a standards-based system raise student achievement in this district?
The U.S. Department of Education has launched a new initiative to safeguarding student records.
Arts education can increase student achievement and improve behavior for at-risk students, according to one study.
Failure Is Not an Option is not just the title of a best-selling book; it's a mantra for many high-performing districts.
Texas district will open the largest net-zero middle school in the nation.
Department of Education launches Green Ribbon Schools program.


Recommended reading for district leaders.
The latest in hardware, software, books & materials, facilities and the Internet.
One of the big lessons learned is that technology must enable learning, and not the reverse.
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