Table of Contents: District Administration, September 2011

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Cover Story

While CEOs in the private sector are raking in millions, school superintendents in 2011 are having to defend their earnings.



Raising the bar across the curriculum has become serious business.
Historic tensions are softening, allowing cooperation to take root, so long as funding doesn't become a distraction.
Years after the worst school shootings, new building plans, combined with new technologies, make for safer and more secure environments.
Anthony "Tony" Smith takes on the "awesome responsibility" of leading the Oakland (Calif.) Unified School District.
While CEOs in the private sector are raking in millions, school superintendents in 2011 are having to defend their earnings.


Crisis Response

A district leader's role is to create stability, routine and support for students and staff members.

Going Mobile

The United States risks falling behind countries like Korea in this new era.

Professional Opinion

The secret to success lies in the "Yeah, buts."

Student Counsel

We need to support students to help interrupt the cycle of failure.


Administrator Profile

Debbie Rice, Director of Technology, Auburn (Ala.) City Schools

District Profile

Somerville, Mass. is a model city where civic and educational leaders are creating a culture of healthy living for young residents.

Research Center

The RTI and PBIS approaches involve targeting specific areas in which students are struggling.


News Update

A Denver District Judge heard arguments in Lobato v. state of Colorado, the first-ever "adequacy case" in Colorado’s history.
Banned Books Week raises awareness to protect access to books.
Educators memorialize events of 9/11 at their schools and in their curriculum
Next Generation of Science Standards will be available next fall.
At-risk students build character, increase life skills while interacting with horses.
Alberto Carvalho's new line of products for the new school year include increased school choice, healthier food, and an emphasis on technology.
To encourage curiosity in reading among students, Superintendent Edythe Austermuhl mingles with students in their classrooms, hold informal book talks, and find new readings.
LAUSD's "I'm In" campaign promotes healthy lifestyles and invites districts locally and nationwide to join in the effort.
Why John Kuhn, superintendent of Perrin-Whitt (Texas) School District stood up for teachers.


Are U.S. schools rigorous enough to compete with other high-performing countries in a global economy?
Our Readers Respond
William Mayes, executive director of the Michigan Association of School Administrators and the president of the Association of State Executives
A guide to one segment of education technology
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