Table of Contents: District Administration, September 2013

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Cover Story

New guidelines target cardiac arrest, heat stroke, and concussions on playing fields



But administrators are looking for more than just easy maintenance when picking new floors
Professional groups strive to meet younger, more diverse member needs
New guidelines target cardiac arrest, heat stroke, and concussions on playing fields
The reborn New Orleans school system has made significant improvements, but a long road lies ahead

District CIO


Schools find private-sector support during tough economic times
More schools using iPads and other tablets to break down traditional learning barriers

CIO News

In AspireIT program, female high school and college students mentor middle schoolers
FCC also wants to create consortiums of districts to purchase tech needs in bulk to drive down costs


Professional Opinion

Administrators can drive the change to healthy eating.
It’s time to end reliance on tools that don’t do what they are needed to do.


K12 organizations offer benefits and resources for educators and districts.


Administrator Profile

By setting a clear vision, Superintendent Jim McIntyre has made his mark at Knox County Schools


Curriculum Update

Henry County Schools spent just over $100,000 to have iPads for all students in each math classroom in grades 3 through 10
25 U.S. states now require some form of financial literacy instruction

News Update

Reformers and teachers’ advocates are clashing over a wide-ranging new voucher program and the elimination of tenure-based pay
Range of organizations offering professional development opportunities
Teachers not being trained for rigorous Common Core standards, National Council on Teacher Quality finds
Accountability standards, charter school funding sometimes causing controversy
Keith Lutz, superintendent of Millard Public Schools in Omaha, developed the Midlands Superintendent Academy for new administrators
What's new with the country's top K12 leaders.
Bill to revise ESEA would eliminate the adequate yearly progress measures of No Child Left Behind
But education agencies are “struggling” to find resources to train teachers and principals, report says
Districts requiring parents to pay fees for their children’s textbooks, lab materials, and after-school activities
Schools facing extreme drops in enrollment, multi-million dollar budget deficit

Health Update

Children who are more active performed better on standardized tests. the report found
Districts want to leverage considerable spending power to drive down food costs, increase quality