Table of Contents: District Administration, December 2013

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Cover Story

Hundreds of unique products were narrowed down for the 2013 Readers' Choice Top 100 Products.



Arts education produces innovative students with critical thinking skills
A nonprofit program reduces the achievement gap in low-income schools
Maximize profits with favorable contracts, new technology, and healthier products
Technology pushes PBL into fifth gear in K12

District CIO


1-to-1 and BYOD programs pose different challenges for district CIOs

CIO News

Some say YouTube’s library of educational content allows educators to teach more creatively


Professional Opinion

Teaching is not a brief resume item on the way to a “real” career.
Why we won’t be around for the “anniversary” of a tragedy


District Profile

Community centers offer health care, social services, and civic programs in neighborhood schools


News Update

HUNCH, a NASA-funded program, partners space agency scientists with high schools and middle schools
Say Yes to Education fund supports services for students from kindergarten through 12th grade
Teachers unions have supported elimination of the merit program
About 10 to 20 percent of youths experience cyberbullying regularly, study says
Also: Kansas City superintendent signs new contract; Montana principal recognized
Simon Youth Foundation funds 23 alternative high schools in 13 states, primarily located in shopping malls
Parents have sued school board over proposal to test students in extra-curricular activities
District remains without basic services that most administrators take for granted
Some 48 percent of students were considered low income in 2010 and 2011, with highest rate—53 percent—occurring in the South


Her latest book, "Reign of Error," argues against testing, the charter school movement, and federally driven mandates