Table of Contents: District Administration, March 2014

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Cover Story

New tools engage multiple senses to help students focus and achieve



Intensive training and tech tools ensure students aren’t losing valuable instruction time
New tools engage multiple senses to help students focus and achieve
Tips for translating Common Core into classroom instruction
Assessments of 3D learning give teachers better insight into student understanding
Text complexity is key to success of new K12 literacy curriculum

District CIO


What districts need to know when hardware begins to break down

CIO News

Elementary schools using different model than are high schools


Professional Opinion

Sometimes it can be a challenge for administrators to convey to a broad audience how a school district is transforming teaching
A framework for constructing fair, high standards for accountability
How an online educational continuity plan can also improve year-round learning goals
Is it time to review your processes?
Changing technologies—and lax regulations—require extra steps to protect information


District Profile

Community Consolidated School District 59’s leadership academy is teaching administrators how to coach teachers

Administrator Profile

A 30 percent shift in diversity is driving exciting new opportunities


News Update

Teachers in affluent districts tend to more readily remove problem students from the classroom, study says
Three new schools are equipped with modern spaces for 21st-century learning
E-learning days can prevent lost class time when weather closes schools
STEM students at Queens, N.Y., high school have series of apps on Google Play store
Dogs can detect prescription drugs, alcohol, guns and explosives without having to open bags, lockers or cars
Districts training classroom teachers to teach PE to keep kids active
Most districts lack an effective model for identifying, encouraging and developing an internal pool of qualified future leaders
Students in grades 6 through 8 will take class that will teach appropriate use of various social media sites
Also: New York state lawmakers call for delay in Common Core tests
Student Success and Opportunity Act allows transgender students to participate in all school activities irrespective of the gender listed on records

Curriculum Update

Fifth grader Cici Collins and her classmates researched the disease, held fundraiser
“Telling Our Agricultural Story” curriculum includes print and online materials focused on local farms


A new organization hopes to give a voice to the community
Recommended reading includes books on principals, student behavior and safety