Table of Contents: District Administration, Nov/Dec 2011

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Cover Story

District leaders are increasing security and laying down the law to avert cheating on high-stakes tests.



Immigrant parents in Chicago set a precedent for other districts with at-risk children and hesitant administrators.
School leaders essentially already have what they need to keep students safe and secure, but they need to define their approach to decrease bullying.
The winners reflect how educators seek a variety of technological tools in tough economic times.
The winners reflect how educators seek a variety of technological tools in tough economic times.

District CIO

Tech @ Work

Paul Romero, CIO at Rio Rancho (N.M.) Public School District

CIO News

Videogames, as opposed to cell phones, the Internet, or computers, may increase creativity among children.
Memphis City (Tenn.) Schools have found a unique use for Gaggle's social media tools.
A three-year program launched by Microsoft will ensure that 1 million students from low-income families receive software, hardware and discounted broadband Internet service at home.
ISTE's Special Interest Group for Mobile Learning (SIGML) is expanding rapidly.


Districts learn shortcuts in building an infrastructure that keeps up with demands for new technology, but doesn't cost a fortune.


New Directions

Leverage the power of consistency.

Going Mobile

Technology will absolutely change K12 learning.

Professional Opinion

The Red Hook (N.Y.) Central School District has been quietly leveraging the possibilities of the college town.



Wapello Community (Iowa) School District turned a penny tax into major school renovations.

Administrator Profile

Vickie Hallock, supervisor of elementary education at the Penn Manor (Pa.) School District, introduces engineering at the elementary level.

District Profile

Administrators in Olathe (Kan.) Unified School District have spent the past decade identifying and developing opportunities for immersion in a range of career paths relevant to local students.


News Update

A new Web-based data management system has helped the district launch a balanced assessment initiative.
Teachers are more likely to stay in a school run by a principal of the same race as them, according to a new study.
The Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights enforced its first action on LAUSD under the Obama administration.

Inside The Law

With the U.S. Department of Education receiving a minimal increase in allotted spending, the House and Senate have begun debates as to how the money will be spent.
The federal Department of Education has been a source of criticism on the GOP presidential campaign trail.


Hundreds of products were nominated by school personnel to be winners of DA's annual Readers' Choice Top 100 Products.