Table of Contents: District Administration, February 2012

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Cover Story

China, Finland and Singapore are creating stronger students—and finally inspiring American educators to take action.



District administrators need to know the law and make these policies clear.
Raising student awareness about the consequences of prescription drugs has taken on a new urgency.
Dwight Jones faces tough odds in his new role leading Clark County School District in Nevada.

District CIO

CIO News

Many districts have blocked YouTube saying it was a distraction. Its new portal, however, offers solutions to teachers.
An evaluation of a N.C.-based mobile math project found that not only did math scores increase, but teachers changed their manner of instruction and students were more engaged.


Barring a formal curriculum to use for mobile devices, teachers think outside the box.


Crisis Response

Relationships are reciprocal. The more we put into them the more we get back.

Professional Opinion

A concerted effort by two or three large states could spark a paradigm shift away from antiquated legislation.



Students in Niles Township High School District 219 in Skokie, Ill. play big role in organic lunch program.

Administrator Profile

Superintendent Sherrie B. Nickell, Polk County (Fla.) Public Schools

District Profile

Amarillo (Texas) Independent School District


News Update

The Chester Community (Penn.) Charter School announced that it has filed suit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania seeking $3.8 million in overdue funding.
The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) learned in late December that Congress had cut FLAP grant's final year of funding.
New technology that uses one’s eyes to activate the screen, scroll through Web pages and play games makes its debut.
National health associations warn that energy drinks can be hazardous, particularly among student athletes.
A new report says charter school union contracts lack many inventive provisions.


Michael Peveler, of AMX, has been part of the A/V industry and the transition toward a networking type technology over the course of 13 years.
Smartphones have moved quickly from banned to embraced in K12 schools.
Some forward thinking programs are in place to better educate U.S. students using the best practices of countries who students routinely outperform us.