Table of Contents: District Administration, May 2012

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Cover Story

The ins and outs of this tiresome process can be simple if you know these local and national options. This is one of two stories in a special recruitment report in this issue.



It’s not easy when the previous superintendent has been a powerhouse reformer. This is the second in a two-story special recruitment report in this issue.
Personalized learning pioneers say student interest and engagement reveal hidden potentials that are key to achievement.
New products are designed to improve aptitude, fulfill Common Core State Standards, provide unlimited access to online libraries and bring 21st-century learning into the classroom.

District CIO

CIO News

Technology marketplace will be more efficient in addressing various school and student needs in the coming school year, says Cator.
President Obama hopes to bring high-speed wireless Internet to all rural areas in the next five years.


Districts demand integrated solutions, in addition to parent portals and mobile access—all while saving costs.


Professional Opinion

Create a strategic and systemic approach to family engagement to improve student achievement.

Going Mobile


District Profile

A community in economic and educational decline is boosted by a unique public-private partnership.

Administrator Profile

This school chief stresses daily intervention, professional development and leadership.


How Kansas City Schools partnered with its city to purchase 47 clean energy buses.


Sustainability Update

The Springfield (Pa.) Literacy Center has won six awards for sustainability and is LEED certified.

News Update

Pets in the Classroom aims to foster healthy pet-child relationships in students in elementary and middle school.
The $3.5 billion in School Improvement Grants will run out by the end of the 2012-2013 school year.
There’s a new petition for legislators on the hill and it appeals for entrepreneurial lessons to be taught in the classroom.
The Leading Education by Advancing Digital (LEAD) Commission will create an outline for schools for how they can implement technology and find funding.
Gov. Dannel Malloy proposed a sweeping education reform bill calling 2012 “the year of education” in Connecticut.