Articles: Art/Music

Students from District of Columbia Public Schools learn photography skills to draw attention to changes needed in their community.
Alison DeNisco
Critical Exposure, a nonprofit after-school program, trains D.C. students to better their communities
Some Jennings School District students play the violin and viola—using music to help them make connections in core subjects of math, science and language arts. The students above rehearse for their district gala recently.
MariAn Gail Brown
Saturday school, arts and college prep yield better discipline and learning
The Whole Schools Initiative's arts program is helping drive up test scores in Mississippi schools.
Lauren Williams
30 Mississippi schools are blending music, theater, visual art and dance into core subjects
Lauren Williams
Philadelphia Orchestra and the Philadelphia Museum of Art helped create new curriculum

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An interview with Beth Stevens, Ph.D., senior vice president of environmental affairs for The Walt Disney Company