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R.J. Gravel (@rjgravel) is the director of instructional technology for Johnsburg School District 12, in Johnsburg, IL.
R.J. Gravel
To keep the focus on instruction, IT can automate access to key learning systems
School districts will make their biggest tech investments in tablets and WiFi in 2015. (Click to enlarge chart)
Katie Kilfoyle Remis
Bandwidth, privacy, and professional development top district tech talk
Authors Michael Horn and Heather Staker say culture is crucial to innovation in schools.
Tim Goral
A new book offers tips on unlocking potential while mitigating risk
Scott McLeod is the author of the popular “Dangerously Irrelevant” blog.
Tim Goral
Schools—and teaching—must change to compete in a knowledge economy

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Samsung Chromebooks and Galaxy tablets help Michigan school district expand computing access, achieve greater engagement
Using competency-based, student-driven learning to achieve math results
With Lightspeed’s FLEXCAT, students in Escambia County Schools are more attentive and engaged
Project-based learning combined with true technology integration sets students up for future success
5/1/2014 coordinates and provides curriculum content for Greenwich Public Schools