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2nd floor hallway
Alison DeNisco
School Makeover brings corporations and large organizations in to refresh buildings
Cafeteria commons: Students at East Middle School will enjoy breakfast and lunch in their new commons area. The space is flooded with natural light and designed with special touches including booths, high-top tables and outdoor seating.
Alison DeNisco
Three new schools are equipped with modern spaces for 21st-century learning
The 12 new science labs are found on the third floor of the school’s addition, and were designed for flexibility. Fixed cabinetry is restrained to the outer edges, leaving the center open for collaboration. In this physics lab, benches sit at one end of the room while lecture seating with marker surfaces and a smartboard projector are at the other end. Teachers can also mount overhead structures from the ceiling.
Alison DeNisco
St. Louis-area high school renovated to allow for more flexible, collaborative spaces
The Wake County Public School System opened Rolesville High School last August, a four-story school with 111 teaching spaces to serve 2,262 students at full capacity. It was made possible with a bond issue.
Nancy Mann Jackson
District leaders must win trust and prove funds are critical

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