Articles: Cybersecurity

Privacy is key. At Carl Sandburg High School in the Consolidated High School District in Illinois, above, Chief Technology Officer John Connolly, on right, discusses with a teacher some of the data and privacy features to be aware of when working with different apps.
Katie Kilfoyle Remis
District leaders need internal and external defenses to keep networks secure
Lauren Williams
While protecting students’ privacy, the act also aims to give enough freedom for companies to conduct research
School districts will make their biggest tech investments in tablets and WiFi in 2015. (Click to enlarge chart)
Katie Kilfoyle Remis
Bandwidth, privacy, and professional development top district tech talk
When students use technology in the classroom, every keystroke creates a trail of digital information.
Alison DeNisco
New laws set rules for how districts should store this information, and for informing parents what data has been collected

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