Articles: Evaluation

To measure academic excellence, Tacoma Public Schools tracks test scores, graduation rates, college acceptance and participation in extracurricular activities.
Jessica Terrell
How schools are measuring learning without the anxiety of high-stakes exams
Jason E. Glass is superintendent and chief learner at Eagle County Schools in Colorado.
Jason Glass
A framework for constructing fair, high standards for accountability
Howard M. Miller
It’s time to end reliance on tools that don’t do what they are needed to do.

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State department of education adopts ACT Aspire as part of ambitious plan to ensure college and career readiness
Paving an individual path to success: Creating IEPs for every student with the help of technology
Elementary schools across the country are utilizing intelligent adaptive math instructional programs as part of blended learning models to move students further and faster
MIND Research Institute’s ST Math program allows young California charter school to raise test scores and improve teaching