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Articles: Global Learning

This required curriculum for kindergarten through grade 10 at Chicago Public Schools celebrates the growing diversity in the district.
Lauren Williams
New curriculum focuses on Central and South America and the Caribbean
Teachers from Teachers College, Columbia University's new program visit nations like Colombia and then build capstone projects to bring their global learning back to U.S. classrooms.
Alison DeNisco
Changing demographics have compelled undergraduate and working K12 teachers to expand their knowledge of foreign cultures
Students participating in the virtual field trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden watched horticulturalists demonstrate tree removal and the environmental impact of an invasive beetle.
Alison DeNisco
Google+ program helps classrooms confined by budget cuts explore the world outside of school
At the Sherli Drukdra School in Saldang, Nepal, students say morning prayers as the wind turbine churns in the background.
Ron Schachter
Class at the Academy of Engineering and Green Technology in Hartford designed solar-powered wind turbine

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The principles of successful digital integration into classroom instruction are at work in Wade King Elementary School