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Alison DeNisco
District looks to save about $130 million per year
Alison DeNisco
Cave Creek USD had three unfilled teacher positions last year. This year, administrators are offering a signing bonus to attract new teachers to the area.
Salaries remain low, public school funding is down and some states have eliminated tenure protections
Tim Goral
Leslie T. Fenwick is dean of the School of Education at Howard University. Her upcoming book is "Jim Crow’s Pink Slip: Public Policy and the Near Decimation of Black Educational Leadership After Brown."
Education policy advocate explains why we should diversify the overwhelmingly white U.S. teaching force
Alison DeNisco
New National Association of School Nurses president Beth Mattey is the school nurse at Mt. Pleasant High School in Delaware.
Highland Park ISD in Kansas and Brevard County, Fla. name new superintendents

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Driving school system success by hiring and retaining top personnel
From payroll to pensions, manual and honor-based attendance processes have high cost and morale impact