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A Better Way to Manage Learning Resources

District Administration Custom Publishing Group
March, 2016

Administrators have a variety of responsibilities in managing a district, but certain tasks can be burdensome and can distract from the core mission of the school system. Purchasing, deploying and managing learning resources such as textbooks and other materials are time-consuming and costly tasks that can weigh down administrators.

Tech project changed how we view our librarians

Stephen Joel and Mary Reiman
June, 2014
Mary Reiman is director of library media services for Lincoln Public Schools

Public education is embarking on a digital transformation. We are shifting from consumption-based learning to creation-based learning. These are moves in the right direction, but they require us to provide our students with access to the tools and devices needed to connect them to all the available resources.

Fast Fact

Alison DeNisco
June, 2013

Only 16% of students feel “very prepared” to conduct research, according to a survey of over 1,500 students by Credo, an information skills solutions provider.

New Products

Lauren Williams
April, 2013

myCreate iPad App

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