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Teachers can use products from companies such as AirWatch to manage student devices in the classroom.
Alison DeNisco
Mobile device management software allows one person to update the content and security settings on hundreds of devices
Chris LaPoint is vice president of product management at SolarWinds.
Chris LaPoint
How to manage the influx of apps in education
Alison DeNisco
Superintendents should provide an overall vision for Common Core and digital technology goals
While Wi-Fi is delivered by building access points that connect to the local area network, LTE (commonly known as 4G) is powered by cellular carriers’ cell towers and requires a monthly fee.
Alison DeNisco
LTE offers fast data download and upload speeds for cell phones and tablets

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BYOD and 1-to-1 projects are growing in popularity exponentially. District Administration spoke with administrators from four districts around the country about the key considerations before beginning a BYOD or 1-to-1 project, and the steps necessary for a successful implementation, including meeting bandwidth requirements and best practices around professional development.
To support BYOD, 1:1 and more in your district, high bandwidth is essential
Administrators, teachers, and students in the Cottonwood Oak Creek School District embrace MimioVote and MimioTeach