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Since 2011, Superintendent Elizabeth Celania Fagen has helped shift Douglas County Schools from a good district to a great one.
Lauren Williams
After growing from a good district to a great one, Douglas County Schools is getting a lot of attention
Alison DeNisco
Fordham Institute offers lessons to district leaders as they continue to implement standards
Students from the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in Austin walk at graduation.
Lauren Williams
Boys will get more competitive, fast-paced activities; girls school will focus on more collaborative learning
Elementary students in Metropolitan School District in Indiana use Chromebooks for lessons and assessments.
Angela Pascopella
Districts must have sufficient bandwidth and hardware

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A panel of experts discusses the best ways to successfully implement online learning
Software from MIND Research Institute contributing to math success at Palomino Intermediate
Today, anticipating and eliminating risks in schools is more important than ever. When it comes to risk management, being proactive saves lives, property, and money.