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New PD apps can save districts money on travel costs by connecting them virtually with education consultants.
Alison DeNisco
Some apps allow teachers to videotape themselves so they can get instant feedback from peers and mentors
Alison DeNisco
Leadership is second only to classroom instruction when it comes to influencing student learning
A fourth grade teacher at Cornelius Elementary School in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is evaluated by video.
Deborah Yaffe
Video emerges as an advanced evaluation tool that offers more depth to teachers and administrators
Bill McCarthy is the assistant head of Lower School at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in New York City.
Bill McCarthy
Using instructional coaching to improve teacher effectiveness

Sponsored Content can help prepare students for the level of technology proficiency that many high-stakes assessments require
Large, geographically diverse districts and virtual schools make teacher development more accessible with online training via Blackboard Collaborate
Lee County Public Schools equips students with Adobe certifications that build professional-level skills for careers in digital media and beyond
Members of the UPenn Mid-Career Doctorate program learn from faculty and peers as they make their way through the rigorous course load
One of the most pressing issues in education is how to measure teacher effectiveness in a way that is objective, fair and meaningful. In this web seminar, two large city districts outlined their models and noted researcher Robert Marzano discussed key elements in any district's efforts.