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Predictive analytics is becoming more common in both public- and private-sector hiring.
Alison DeNisco
Programs designed to gauge impact teacher candidates will have on student test scores
Alison DeNisco
Tennessee's Knox County Public Schools offering incentives
The Kansas Coaching Project studies how instructional coaches improve academic outcomes.
Alison DeNisco
Many districts that cut coaches during recession now bringing them back
Kate Walsh is president of the National Council on Teacher Quality.
Kate Walsh
Too many teacher prep programs have a low bar

Sponsored Content can help prepare students for the level of technology proficiency that many high-stakes assessments require
Large, geographically diverse districts and virtual schools make teacher development more accessible with online training via Blackboard Collaborate
Lee County Public Schools equips students with Adobe certifications that build professional-level skills for careers in digital media and beyond
One of the most pressing issues in education is how to measure teacher effectiveness in a way that is objective, fair and meaningful. In this web seminar, two large city districts outlined their models and noted researcher Robert Marzano discussed key elements in any district's efforts.
Simulations link theory and practice for Nova Southeastern University's students in education leadership and principal preparation.