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Eliminating administrative pain points by engaging managed services

District Administration Custom Publishing Group
February, 2016

Follett takes resource tracking to the next level with four new services

Juli Hubbard
Vice President, Purchasing

Iowa district buys into and saves big with k-Purchase automated purchasing system

District Administration Custom Publishing Group
February, 2016

There’s a new purchasing system in town, and it’s saving time, money and stress for folks at the Grinnell-Newburg Community School District in Iowa.

Edtech purchasing: What CIOs need to know

Alison DeNisco
September, 2015
Click to enlarge: Five steps districts can take to save money on edtech purchases. (Source: Foundation for Excellence in Education)

As the lines between instructional and technology budgets blur, CIOs can improve their district’s procurement procedures to get what their classrooms need from an increasingly complex edtech market.

The Business of: Mail room management

Avi Asher-Schapiro
December, 2014
School staff sending out mail nowadays can save a lot of work with electronic mailcenters.

District mail rooms used to be hectic. Thousands of pieces of mail would cycle in and out every month, and all of it had to be processed by hand. But these days, life is much easier for office administrators who, still, must sort through the pieces of mail.

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