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Alison DeNisco
Students at Horizon Elementary School, part of Holt Public Schools in Michigan, attend school on a year-round calendar. The first day of school was Aug. 4.
The number of public, year-round schools—also called “balanced-calendar” schools—increased by 26 percent from 2007 to 2012
Alison DeNisco
The lines between homeschooling and the public ed system are beginning to blur
Deborah Yaffe
A homeschool student in Kyrene School District shows off art she created via Community Assisted Schooling Alternatives, a weekly enrichment program for K6 students.
District leaders reach out to unenrolled students to expand programs and maximize state funding
Joseph Scherer
Joseph Scherer is executive director of Superintendents’ National Dialogue.
If educators want a voice in policy, they must be prepared to be heard

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