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Sex ed lacking in schools, CDC report finds

Alison DeNisco
February, 2016

Fewer than half of high schools and only one-fifth of middle schools offer comprehensive sex education, according to a December report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Administrators battle threats from anonymous apps

Alison DeNisco
February, 2016
The app After School allows teenage students to post on an anonymous message board specific to their school.

Anonymous apps popular among high school students continue to create problems for administrators looking to root out cyberbullying and threats of violence.

School leader paves a more promising path

Matt Zalaznick
February, 2016
Clayton County Public Schools Superintendent Luvenia Jackson, left, and Principal Michael Robinson speak to two students at the district’s newly opened Martha Ellen Stillwell School of the Arts.

Luvenia Jackson knows students can’t learn when they’re in jail. During 40 years in education, the Clayton County Public Schools superintendent has seen that academic performance cannot improve systemwide under zero-tolerance discipline.

Spotting the danger signs in schools

Tim Goral
January, 2016
Forensic psychologist J. Reid Meloy says administrators can take several steps to prevent school shootings.

Since the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, there have been an estimated 262 other school and college shooting incidents. Tragic as they are, each incident reveals another piece to the puzzle of why such events occur and how to prevent them, says forensic psychologist J. Reid Meloy.

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