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Nancy Willard is director of Embrace Civility in the Digital Age and author of several books on bullying.
Nancy Willard
Why achieving a clarity of definition is so important for principals
SROs like Kevin Quinn, above, past president of the National Association of School Resource Officers, teach lessons as part of the job.
Alison DeNisco
School resource officers build relationships with students to help prevent violence
Alison DeNisco
Some argue that schools with SROs have more student arrests
Districts including San Diego USD received a mine-resistent ambush protected vehicle like this one from a federal program that provides surplus military equipment to local police. (Photo: Creative Commons: U.S. Navy)
Alison DeNisco
LAUSD police decided in September to return three grenade launchers

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Blount County School District uses TipSoft for Education to collect incident reports from students
AMX SchoolView provides better security monitoring and faster response in emergencies