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Alison DeNisco
There were 28 shootings in K12 schools and 16 on college campuses between December 2012 and February 2014
At Sells Middle School in the Dublin City School District in Ohio, school administrators are using the Complete Student Safety and Behavior System technical tool to track student tardiness and how it might relate to school fights.
Ron Schachter
Added awareness, training and practice protect staff and students from violence
Ron Schachter
One principal is focusing on tardiness in effort to reduce fighting
Kevin Kinker of K-9 Interventions brings his search dog Anna to Mona Shores Public Schools. Anna can detect drugs, alcohol and guns.
Alison DeNisco
Dogs can detect prescription drugs, alcohol, guns and explosives without having to open bags, lockers or cars

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Blount County School District uses TipSoft for Education to collect incident reports from students
AMX SchoolView provides better security monitoring and faster response in emergencies