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A look, from the U.S. Census, at the number of students served by the IDEA. (Click to enlarge)
Alison DeNisco
Total number of students with disabilities in the United States has been on the decline since 2005
In "The Teaching Brain," Vanessa Rodriguez and her co-author separate teaching from the learning process.
Tim Goral
A new book looks at teaching as an evolutionary cognitive skill
A Mather Building Arts & Craftsmanship High School planes wood pieces for a toolbox and stonecutting. Hands-on projects like this prepare students for later study in the trades as they relate to preservation.
Ariana Rawls Fine
New York City national parks programs introduces students to tradecraft
Paula Love, the “Funding Doctor,” brings decades of experience to developing grant strategies for state and local educational agencies, schools and institutions.
Paula Love
Funding opportunities come in the form of new grants that constantly emerge from public and private sources

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Meeting the needs of the individual learner requires a broader focus than device selection
The right professional learning and leadership can support real-world experiences in the classroom
Helping challenged students to succeed through effective intervention strategies
Fostering project-based learning through the use of new technology
DreamBox Learning helps to meet the potential of blended learning at Federal Way Public Schools