Articles: Technology

Katie Kilfoyle Remis
Most school districts back up student, human resource and finance records and other essential administrative data every night.
Districts no longer need to trade access for cost when storing important information
Alison DeNisco
Albemarle County Public Schools removed hundreds of high school lockers and replaced them with benches for students to charge mobile devices.
Of the 2,000 high school students in Albemarle County Public Schools, only 25 requested lockers last school year
Alison DeNisco
Windows 10 joins an ever-changing mix of Apple, Android and Microsoft devices and operating systems found in U.S. school districts
Alison DeNisco
Click to enlarge: Five steps districts can take to save money on edtech purchases. (Source: Foundation for Excellence in Education)
The lines between the tech and instruction budgets have blurred in many districts

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A combination of the right technology and educator guidance produces optimal differentiated instruction
ClassFlow by Promethean facilitates engagement and inquiry-based learning in Maryland district
The right mix of technology and activities can help to establish foundational skills in grades K-3
These key characteristics identify if a blended learning initiative is succeeding