Articles: Technology

A media specialist in the Cherry Hills Christian Schools in Colorado helps a student with a lesson. The district combined an MDM solution with district-owned iPads for student learning.
Katie Kilfoyle Remis
Software allows districts to manage and secure a wide range of tablets and other devices
Timothy Purnell is superintendent and Timothy Teehan is academic achievement officer for Somerville Public Schools.
Timothy Purnell and Timothy Teehan
Massachusetts school system is a 'petri dish full of best practice ideas'
When students use technology in the classroom, every keystroke creates a trail of digital information.
Alison DeNisco
New laws set rules for how districts should store this information, and for informing parents what data has been collected
Matt Zalaznick
Principals, teachers, tech experts and other educators have created dozens of robust, professional learning networks

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Enhancing 1-to-1 programs with Chromebooks and Google for Education in the classroom
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Ten evolving trends are driving innovations in blended learning