Articles: Testing

David Browne is superintendent of the Randolph, New Jersey public schools, a suburban K12 district of 4,800 students.
David Browne
Teacher’s evaluations of students will measure progress better than Common Core tests
Warren Berger's new books explores why questioning is neither taught nor rewarded in most schools.
Tim Goral
A journalist shows how asking questions leads to true learning
An ASCD survey found only a small number of people sensed a strong Common Core opt-out movement. (Click to enlarge_
Alison DeNisco
It remains unclear how widespread the opt-out movement is across the nation
Alison DeNisco
Some states allow families to opt out for religious or disability reasons, while others mandate tests but have no consequences for non-participation

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State department of education adopts ACT Aspire as part of ambitious plan to ensure college and career readiness
To tackle upcoming assessments and be college and career ready, students need to have digital literacy skills.
Administrators need to ensure that networks and systems can handle additional demand for bandwidth
Paving an individual path to success: Creating IEPs for every student with the help of technology