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Smarter school spaces

Mackenzie Ryan
February, 2016
Laguna Beach High School students in an environmental science/STEM classroom gather in a Socratic circle to discuss ideas and opinions. They change configurations daily, made possible in part by moving desks. It’s part of the Laguna Beach USD plan to shift learning spaces.

The way schools across the country use space has changed. The growing number of administrators now building and renovating education spaces have made student experience a top priority. Educators seek new designs that accommodate collaboration along with 1-to-1 programs and other technology initiatives

Transformative chief leads voc-tech charge

Angela Pascopella
October, 2015
Sheila M. Harrity is superintendent-director of Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School District in Massachusetts.

When Sheila M. Harrity became superintendent-director of Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School District—better known as Monty Tech—she hit the ground running, transforming programs and searching out partnerships to ensure her students find good work right out of school or attend college.

Career technical education provides alternate path to success

Janice M. Tkaczyk
June, 2015
Janice M. Tkaczyk is the national director for counselor and academic relations at Universal Technical Institute. She spent 35 years in public education, including 30 as the guidance director at a regional, technical high school.

In today’s education landscape, it’s common for teachers, school counselors and administrators to encourage students to graduate high school and earn a four-year college degree.

Not Your Grandparents' Vocational School

Ron Schachter
October, 2012
  • Manufacturing biodiesel fuel.
  • Building a geodesic-domed greenhouse.
  • Measuring the environmental impact of abandoned industrial canals.

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