Construction Watch

New middle school wins votes in Minnesota district

Voters approved the construction of a new $48.8 million middle school in Cloquet, but voted down building a new auditorium along with it.

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Edmond School District’s $90.6 million bond issue passes easily

The passage of the bond will begin the construction of safe rooms in selected schools throughout the Oklahoma district as gymnasiums, band rooms, media centers and classroom additions will be built to do double duty.

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New York backlog delays hundreds of construction projects

About 800 school construction projects are piled up in the state Education Department awaiting review, delaying work for months and months and costing taxpayers millions of dollars. The backlog means it can take about six months before staff even begin their review of a particular project.

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Chicago district could spend almost $30 million on early education

Offering full-day kindergarten for residents of School District 41 will require new construction with a cost between $15 million and $30 million. Plan options include modifying existing school buildings, building an early learning center or building a new K5 school.

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