Construction Watch

West Virginia county voters approve $18 million school bond

It took three attempts, but voters in Wayne County have approved an $18 million school construction bond — a key component in a larger $42 million package. That package includes the construction of two new elementary schools and additions and renovations to the local high school.

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Georgia approves use of wood in school construction

Georgia's governor recently signed legislation that allows for greater use of wood materials in public school facilities. Senate Bill 301 removed language from the Georgia Department of Education (DOE) Guideline for Educational Facility Construction that prohibited the use of light wood framing and ordinary wood construction.

Mass. city to expand school construction and major capital projects department

Springfield's Department of Capital Asset Construction, which oversees major public construction projects, including new school buildings, will be expanding its ranks to include a new director, senior project manager and project manager.The department presently outsources these responsibilities to private project management firms for as much as $30,000 a month.

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Maryland orders study to find money for school construction

Maryland's Interagency Committee on School Construction has been ordered to work with other state departments on a study on school construction. The committee is charged with making recommendations to increase funding for school construction, including the use of lease payments or other alternative financing methods.

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Chicago issues $423 million capital plan

Chicago Public Schools unveiled a $423 million construction and renovation plan for 2015 that directs nearly half of the money toward facilities on the city's North and Northwest sides.

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West Virginia School Building Authority distributes funding

The West Virginia School Building Authority has decided on how it would distribute $43 million in funding. Board members said they received $100 million in requests this year and chose to fund schools in small, rural counties.

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Maryland county asking for an extra $41 million for construction

Montgomery County may need to increase its funding by $41.3 million more than originally proposed toward school construction projects. The extra funds would produce more than $1.5 billion for the county public schools’ capital improvement program for fiscal years 2015 through 2020.

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Texas debuts database for school construction costs

The state has launched an online database detailing public school construction costs since 2007. The site will give taxpayers more insight into how Texas public school districts have accumulated a third of all outstanding debt issued by local governments.

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Washington construction bond measure fails for second time

A $38 million construction bond measure for the Tenino School District has failed again. The measure would have modernized two schools and upgraded athletic facilities and technology.

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$154 million school bond being rejected by voters in Florida

Voters in Sequim have rejected the school district's $154 million slate of school construction.The bonds would have funded a new elementary school construction, an extensive remodel and renovation of the high school and two existing elementary schools and the building of a new athletic complex.

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