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New collaboration offers inner city children with technical opportunity

VUID, Inc. signed a new partnership with Coded by Kids that will provide disadvantaged, inner-city children with an opportunity to put their developer skills to use in workplace internships.

Digital instructional materials outpace print in the classroom

Teachers now are using more digital instructional materials than print materials in the classroom, and publishers have been rapidly shifting their product development activities in the direction of digital to match the shift.

New math program launched for transitional kindergarten

MIND Research Institute is expanding its math program with the new ST Math: Transitional Kindergarten. The blended learning program includes math software, classroom materials and step-by-step teacher’s manuals covering algebraic thinking, geometry, numbers and operations, counting and cardinality, and measurement and data.

Curriculum Foundry enables districts to manage digital content has released Curriculum Foundry, a solution that helps districts access, organize and share digital resources and share curriculums. Curriculum Foundry includes a searchable content repository of vetted open education resources and other free digital resources covering core K12 subjects.

Google to roll out after-school coding classes for 100,000 kids

The technology company will work with New York City as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio's $10 million Tech Talent Pipeline initiative. All students enrolled in 857 after-school programs across the city's five boroughs will get to use CS First, a program that teaches youngsters how to code.

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Digital curriculum company uploads fresh video offerings

Shmoop’s catalog of thousands of videos can be accessed via their video library, ShmoopTube, and are also embedded throughout their site to help visual and auditory learners stay apace in the text-heavy internet world. The videos cover topics from literature and history to science, math, grammar and computer science.

Lexibook presents educational giant LCD Tablet with Google Play

The Lexitab Neon XL Tablet features a double interface for adults and a Lexibook Kids OS designed for younger users. The tablet gives users access to Lexibook Market's 26,000 educational apps and Google Play.

Cloudpath releases XpressConnect ES 4.0

The upgraded XpressConnect Enrollment System 4.0 has been launched for both on-premise and cloud-based customers. The 4.0 release builds upon XpressConnect’s track record of certificate provisioning and Wi-Fi onboarding across a wide array of unmanaged (BYOD) and managed devices.

VTech expands Go! Go! Smart Wheels

The expansion of VTech's Go! Go! Smart family includes extensions to the Wheels and Animals lines and the new Go! Go! Smart Friends. Infusing technology into play patterns, the expanded product lines feature nearly 75 different playsets, accessories, animals, vehicles and figures.

North Carolina's new online charter school to launch with K12 Inc.

K12 Inc. is partnering with North Carolina Learns, Inc., a nonprofit charter school board, to operate the new North Carolina Virtual Academy for K12 students. The online school will use K12's curriculum technology and employ state-certified teachers from across North Carolina to provide customized instruction to students.