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Hooda Math debuts two new math games

Hooda Math is launching educational versions of the Flappy Birds and 2048 games, available for free on the math games website. Both games are optimized for mobile devices and can be accessed from any device.

Listen for Life launches "Travels With Music" for K12

Listen for Life has created Travels With Music to introduce students to world cultures, using music as the gateway. The multimedia program explores 15 world cultures through the use of 300 video and audio segments that comprise six hours of classroom instruction.

ST Math Program unveils new middle and high school curricula

The new visual learning programs build on ST Math’s pre-K through fifth grade curricula and expand middle and high school offerings, which were limited to intervention and fluency programs. The new programs are ST Math: Grade 6, ST Math: Middle School Supplement and ST Math: High School Intervention.

Casio America debuts new projector

Casio America introduced its first LampFree Ultra Short Throw projector. With brightness up to 3100 lumens and an ultra short throw ratio of 0.28:1, Casio’s new XJ-UT310WN is primarily designed for the education market with application tools that integrate with mobile technologies in the classroom.

Listen Edition announces free Edmodo app with public radio

Listen Edition has launched a free current events app for Edmodo. The app provides a teachable public radio news story everyday for teachers to utilize in their Edmodo classrooms.

Ricoh introduces customizable bubble-sheet test

Ricoh Americas Corporation launched its Ricoh Testing and Grading Solution to enable educators to create their own bubble-sheet optical mark recognition (OMR) tests, print them using a Ricoh multifunction product (MFP) and automatically grade tests using the MFP’s scanning capability.
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Track your progress in digital learning

Take the Vision K-20 Survey to monitor your school or district’s progress toward digital education goals! All who take this survey are entered to win one of twenty $25 Amazon gift cards.

Wildlife Acoustics launches bat detector app

Wildlife Acoustics introduced its new Echo Meter Touch bat detector/recorder/analyzer, a key-fob-sized ultrasonic module that accompanies a free Echo Meter touch app and plugs into an iPhone or iPad. The module-app combination provides teachers and students with a fully functional spectrogram viewer.

For Financial Literacy Month, Centsables launches lesson modules

Centsables, an animated TV series focused on financial literacy, is releasing lesson modules, available in teacher and parent versions. Each module includes two episodes of the show with the correlating lesson plans as well as downloads for all materials and certificates of completion.

Mackin to add 2,000+ DK e-books to library

Mackin Educational Resources has teamed up with DK Publishing to include more than 2,000 of DK's e-books in the MackinVIA collection. Mackin customers will now have access to over 300,000 e-books, digital audiobooks and databases.