Industry News

New RFID software launched by Hayes Software Systems

Hayes Software Systems has launched a new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) inventory and audit module that will be integrated to make the process of conducting asset inventory audits more efficient. The solution, called TIPWeb-RFID, will include fully integrated RFID handheld readers, compatible tags and consulting services.

Scantron announces alliance with Curriculum Advantage

Scantron Corporation has announced an alliance with Curriculum Advantage, Inc., developer of Classworks, an online instructional solution for kindergarten through ninth grade. The partnership integrates Scantron Performance Series and Scantron Achievement Series assessment solutions with Classworks.

ACT acquires Pacific Metrics

Pacific Metrics, a provider of education technology solutions, has been acquired by ACT but will remain a separate, stand-alone company.

Compass Learning releases new software suite

Compass Learning is launching a new suite of solutions focused on blended learning, intervention and credit recovery. Simultaneous to the release of the new Pathblazer, Hybridge and Gradbound software offerings, Compass Learning is also launching new professional development offerings including its Leveraging Data course.

AVfusion taps into new use for security IP cameras

IPVideo Corporation introduced an key audio/video recording, editing and streaming solution that uses select Panasonic and Axis IP security cameras. AVfusion can be used for capturing lectures, training sessions, student presentations and interviews.

Scenario Learning announces new partner for online safety training

Scenario Learning and the Florida School Boards Insurance Trust (FSBIT) are partnering to bring the SafeSchools Online Staff Training System to FSBIT member districts. Using the online system, administrators can track training, monitor progress, download compliance reports and view certificates of completion.

A new STEM Lab from edustation simulates flight for students

edustation introduced a STEM Lab that combines a math and science curriculum with a simulation lab. Designed for middle and high school students, the edustation Flight Simulators are used to fly the flight plans designed by the students and test the principles and predicted outcomes in accurate flight simulation.

New iPad app from Scientific Learning Corp. addresses reading

Scientific Learning Corp.'s Fast ForWord program will be available on the iPad this fall. The program addresses foundational language and literacy skills and memory, attention, processing and sequencing skill development.

College and career readiness system released by WIN Learning

WIN Career Readiness System, a new digital teaching and learning solution for college and career readiness preparation from WIN Learning, includes a single sign-on portal for instant access to the program's four components as well as embedded assessments powered by Kuder.

New science learning app launched by PASCO scientific

PASCO scientific released SPARKvue, a science learning application that combines content, data collection, visualization, analysis and assessment. With the new version, students and teachers can share data and collaborate on lab activities in real time.