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Partnership transforms school makerspaces and STEAM labs

Run in zSpace, the Leopoly 3D creation app provides entry-level training courses, sample lessons and guides to learn how to customize and prepare digital objects for 3D printing.

Program debuted to pinpoint address fraud

SRC Solutions, Inc. launched Address Purification Gateway with Student Move Management to combat address fraud and "zone jumping". The program helps districts figure out how many students are attending its schools illegally.

Digital textbooks help Connecticut district with personalized learning experiences

Meriden Public Schools expanded its 11-year partnership with Discovery Education with Discovery Education’s Math, Science and Social Studies Techbooks for the district's middle and high school educators.

Parent insights app offers comparative analytics for math learning

The new Tabtor Parent Insights app includes real-time monitoring of a child’s learning progress and daily engagement with Tabtor Math relative to peers with push notifications, detailed metrics, tutor feedback, performance rankings and rewards earned.

New collaboration to enhance math literacy around the world

By partnering with Edmodo, Inc.'s Edmodo Connect and Edmodo Spotlight, Sony Global Education, Inc. will be able to offer its Global Math Challenge, a worldwide online math competition, to primary and secondary schools in over 190 countries.

Computer-based model helps students master foundational math skills

Built on the same research-based model as Istation Reading, Istation Math offers game-like computer-adaptive formative assessments for students in pre-K through eighth grade and adaptive online instruction for those in pre-K through fifth grade.

New web-based program focused on boosting strategy use

The SMARTS Online curriculum helps middle and high school students overcome learning and attention difficulties through the teaching of executive function skills such as organizing, prioritizing, shifting approaches flexibly and more.

Programs challenge students to explore sustainability at early age

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), an international, K12 organization focused on increasing interest and participation in science and technology, is tasking students to discover the hidden world of trash as part of its 2015-2016 FIRST LEGO League and Junior FIRST LEGO League seasons.

NextTier v3.2 ready to help students with college admissions process

The latest version of NextTier Education’s mobile and web apps is set for release next week. With the apps, students are presented with a prioritized task list that guides them through the nuances specific to each college’s application when they add colleges to their NextTier account.

Knewton launches open adaptive learning platform

With the free, open personalized learning platform, Knewton will host open content and free supplemental lessons on a variety of subjects and grade levels, starting with K12 math, English, science and history.