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VINCI Education launches Elementary Math Curriculum

VINCI Education expanded its offering by launching the Elementary series of its real-time, data-enabled Math Curriculum. The curriculum, sequenced to break down the Common Core requirements to small steps, includes a series of immersive game-based content for instructional and reinforcement learning.

Casio mixes math and music in new Fostering Mathematics book

Casio America has announced the launch of Fostering Mathematical Thinking Through Music, a new volume in its Fostering Education book series.

Rethink announces addition of Student Activity Center

The Student Activity Center, a new interface for children from Rethink, is a special education performance management system that features computer-based activities aligned with the Rethink platform's curriculum, reporting, and progress monitoring tools.

JASON curricula enhances with Virtual Connections through Nepris

A new partnership between Nepris and JASON Learning will enable K12 students taking part in the JASON Learning STEM curricula to virtually connect with science experts and bring them into their classrooms through online interactive sessions.

Keenan creates physical and sexual abuse prevention resource

Keenan has created an initiative designed to help California public schools provide a safe environment for children to learn and prosper. The new Keenan Physical and Sexual Abuse Prevention Resource Center will offer a range of tools and training courses, at no cost, that districts can utilize.

Microsoft opens ad-free Bing for Schools search engine to all U.S. schools

Microsoft is officially releasing an advertisement-free version of its Bing search engine to all eligible K12 schools in the U.S. In addition, the no-charge Bing in the Classroom will automatically and strictly filter to help block adult content and disable the use of student searches for targeted advertising.

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PBS LearningMedia offers free environmental content for Earth Day

For Earth Day, PBS LearningMedia is featuring a collection of free resources for classrooms focused on the environment: l <3 Earth. The digital collection includes topics such as recycling, climate change and animal habitats.

Elite Screens launches Starling screen

Elite Screens launched its Starling retractable electric projection screen as a more refined option for CE Retail sales. It will be available in a range of sizes including 100", 120" and 135" in 16:9 HDTV format.

New series debuted by Benchmark Education

Benchmark Education launched a new reading practice book series in print format for students in grades three through six and aligned to Common Core State Standards. Each Short Reads for Finding Text Evidence grade-level set consists of a teacher’s guide and student practice books. offers online Spanish tutors to students announced a new online Spanish tutor service for students who are studying Spanish at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels including AP Spanish.