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Five ways the tech industry is reshaping the education system

Through revamped institutions, new programs, reexamined policies and more, the education system is evolving in the digital age and narrowing the skills gap. The burgeoning tech sector, with its expanding job opportunities, is not only prompting this change but playing a part in it.

Oracle wants to put a charter high school on its campus

Design Tech High School is an innovative, charter high school authorized by the San Mateo Union High School District that incorporates technology and design thinking into its curriculum. Oracle has proposed to give the school its own site on four acres of the software company’s Redwood City headquarters.

N.C. district: Parents must choose 'all or none' on tech

The Wake County Board of Education approved an "all or none" technology policy that will force parents to decide whether to allow their children to participate in instruction involving Internet access and any form of computer technology, including desktops, laptops, tablets or cellphones.

Lessons from the digital classroom

In four small schools scattered across San Francisco, a data experiment is under way. That is where AltSchool is testing how data-gathering technology can help teachers maximize their students’ learning.

San Diego County Office of Education awarded tech grant

The $13 million state grant will lead to a regional initiative that prepares students for employment in advanced manufacturing, clean energy, and information and communications technology.

Digital literacy yields test gains, better behavior

Test scores have improved and online bullying incidents have been virtually eliminated at a California school that added weekly digital literacy instruction to its curriculum five years ago.

How technology is crash landing in our public schools

We do not have an adequate system for sorting through the ten thousand plus different educational technology materials and programs available for integration into our public school systems. We trust our overworked teachers and their inexpert administrators to find their way through a dazzling forest of product pitches.

Plans for new career center in Alabama county revealed

The Tuscaloosa County School board is creating a new career technical high school to offer a well-trained work force to local manufacturers such as a Mercedes plant. In addition to child development and hospitality, the school will focus on a logistics center program that will grow into an advanced manufacturing program.

Grant puts Arizona students through technology boot camp

Thanks to a recent $75,000 grant from tech giant Cisco, students from four Yuma school districts are training to become the go-to technology gurus on their campuses.

Bill designed to improve tech education passes U.S. Senate

Some provisions in Every Child Achieves Act were designed to strengthen career and technical education, including an amendment that designates it as a core academic subject and encourages schools to integrate teacher professional development for CTE with other academic curricula.