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Transforming Eastern Kentucky through technology

A new STEM partnership between an energy and an educational cooperative, a curriculum provider and a university is a long-term effort to lure new jobs and investment to Eastern Kentucky. The STEM-TEK initiative will begin with a full K12 implementation of Project Lead The Way programs in the school districts that already have some of the programming, followed by a 3-year full roll out to 177 schools.

More states requiring computer science for graduation

Fourteen states require a student be allowed to fulfill a math, science or foreign language credit for high school graduation by completing a computer science course. However, each state’s policy varies.

Increasing the success of vocational-technical schools

As Massachusetts policymakers ponder ways to expand the Commonwealth's public education success, developing avenues to provide more students with access to top-quality vocational-technical education should be near the top of the list.

Environmental science academy to launch at New Jersey high school

The newest academy of the Morris County School of Technology will be housed in Jefferson Township High School, starting in September 2016. The Academy for Environmental Science will prepare students to choose a career in environmental engineering, environmental science, consulting, watershed management and other fields.

Connecticut's budget adds $153 million grant to high school's coffers

The state legislature during its special session approved measures that will result in significant state funding for Oliver Wolcott Technical High School. The school will receive an additional $153,345,700 in state funding — which will be used to build a new building for its increasing student population.

San Francisco schools aim to bring computer science to all students

Many children in San Francisco do not have regular access to computers in school, let alone computer science classes. The school district is aiming to become the first large urban school district in the country to commit itself to exposing every pre-K through 12th grade student to computer science.

Maximizing your education apps

Getting the right education apps into classrooms isn’t as easy as reading reviews, doing a quick download and making a link available to staff. Because there isn’t a standard rating system to verify whether an app will live up to its educational claims, there’s no single best approach to matching student needs with new programs.

STEM high school camp propels students to create rockets

Rockets filled the sky above Butte as over 30 female high school students from around the nation gathered for the making innovations in engineering and science camp at Montana Tech University.

What can be learned by asking students about the future of work

Kids want to learn about business, IT and STEM subjects faster than we are prepared to keep up with. We’re so preoccupied about creating a future we want to see but will never inhabit by the time it’s built. We should go back to the classrooms and talk to the real generation we should be building a technology future for.

Michigan job skills programs need more teachers

Trying to find qualified people to teach career and technical education programs has become such a problem in Michigan that some advocates want the state to relax the certification rules temporarily to widen the pool of candidates.