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Technology meets literacy at Illinois district's transliteracy conference

Hundreds of teachers and administrators from Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 and surrounding schools turned out for the district's first annual Transliteracy conference. The two-day conference was aimed at arming teachers, staff and administrators with knowledge on how to integrate technology and literacy in the classroom.

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Seven new Mass. high schools boost tech use for learning and security

Seven new or renovated high schools are opening this year in Boston’s suburbs at an average cost of $100 million each. New technology to boost students’ learning and increase security include at least 200 surveillance cameras at each high school, Chromebooks and a public access cable station.

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Mobile use bad for school performance

Children who spend more than four hours a day on their mobile phone perform significantly worse on school tests than those who are limited to just 30 minutes, a Japanese government survey has found. Grade scores suffered an average 14 percentage points across all subjects while the deficit rose to over 18 points in mathematics.

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Detroit tech school adding International Baccalaureate program

Cass Tech High School will become Detroit’s first International Baccalaureate diploma program, according to Detroit Public Schools. Students in the program will engage in an extended essay writing project, take a course in critical thinking and complete programs in creativity, action and service.

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Oklahoma school receives large grant for technology

Fairland Elementary students are reaping the benefits of a $40,000 Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust grant that will be used to purchase new iPad Minis for third, fourth and fifth graders. In addition, the school also received professional teacher development training valued at $25,000.

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Two New Tech high schools to open in South Carolina county

All the incoming freshmen at one high school and 150 freshmen and sophmores at another high school in Greenville County will learn in project-based learning classrooms rebuilt to enable students to work digitally on real-world projects in small groups.

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Nevada high school receives $50,000 donation for technology upgrades

For the second year in a row, Sparks High School received a $50,000 donation from the Assistance League of Reno-Sparks for technology upgrades. The school used last year's donation for monitors and tablets for teachers.

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Florida county's schools make big high tech investment

Duval County schools are embarking on a three-year plan to invest $58 million in technology. Every classroom in the county's 160 schools will have a dedicated source to access the internet while all teachers will be getting new laptops. All middle schools will be getting interactive technology with portable touch-screen monitors.

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New technology detects gunshots fired in schools in Idaho

The city of Ammon, in conjunction with District 93, law enforcement and a Virginia-based tech company, are testing out a system they say will alert them to gunmen on school campuses. The Shotpoint acoustic shot detection system uses a series of sensors mounted on ceilings throughout the school. Each sensor is equipped with four microphones, which can detect the sound of gunshots.

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Using innovation to optimize resources

Iowa’s Clinton Community School District has incorporated cutting-edge programs into its learning environment in hopes of giving students a better chance at graduating and succeeding in college or career. The Innovation Classroom, one of the first of its kind in a U.S. public high school, enables teachers to tie technology with inquiry-based, collaborative learning.