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High school football tech purchasing is growing

For high school teams from Louisiana to New York, the football hit has become a tech crunch, and a sport for teen boys has ballooned, by one estimate, into a $3 billion investment nationally — spending partly fueled by the leap in game-deployed technology.

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Schools could turn snow days into online days in Pennsylvania

Snow and frigid temperatures might not stop students from schoolwork under a new program being piloted by the state education department. The Flexible Instructional Days program will allow schools to use non-traditional methods like technology to deliver instruction when circumstances such as bad weather keep students from being in the classroom.

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Tech center upgrade part of New Hampshire town's capital spending plan

Dover's six-year capital spending plan, which includes dozens of projects and equipment purchases totaling more than $156 million, includes an $18 million career and technical center upgrade. Sharing the cost of the upgrade with the state, the city will pay 25 percent, or about $3.9 million.

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Microsoft and other firms pledge to protect student data

A week after California enacted a law restricting the ways education technology companies can use the information they collect about students, companies such as Microsoft, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Amplify, Edmodo and 10 others have committed to not selling information on K12 students. They have also pledged not to use students’ data to target them with advertisements or to compile personal profiles.

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New York City schools to go solar with $23 million installation

The city's schools will be equipped with new solar cells with $23 million in funding from New York City. An additional $5 million dollars from the state has been procured under the NY-Sun Initiative. The new devices will be installed at two dozen public schools.

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$5 million grant boosts 'tech-rich' learning in Vermont middle schools

Technology plus teacher training is part of an initiative launched at the University of Vermont five years ago with a $5 million grant from the Richard E. and Deborah L. Tarrant Foundation. The results in about a dozen Vermont middle schools were so encouraging that the Tarrants have come back with another $5 million gift to expand the program.

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Burbank Unified puts focus on tech

The California district's school officials approved spending $850,000 on technology-geared projects and personnel. Burbank Unified has been equipping classrooms with modern projectors, document cameras, voice amplification systems and control boxes. The district will also hire TELACU to oversee technology installation in 881 classrooms before September 2016.

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Making one-to-one meaningful

Many one-to-one initiatives fail to meet their objective, unless the objective is merely to give students technology and hope that they will figure it out from there. A more effective program begins with defining curriculum goals before purchasing technology, piloting the new technology, offering professional development and devising a roll-out plan.

The business of school visitor management systems

School visitors are no longer just writing their names in a notebook when they sign in. Districts are now scanning fingerprints and eyes to check if a visitor or contractor has a criminal record. Beyond security, visitor management systems can provide data such as the most visited teacher or who is in the building in case of an emergency.

New initiative is giving vo-tech education a jump in New Orleans

With the new Jump Start vocational-technical education programs, enrollment in technical classes outside high school is expected to increase by five-fold this year. If students complete nine units of technical courses and earn a certification, they may earn the state's newly revamped career diploma.

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