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Mobile apps move K12

Administrators are using mobile software applications to remain highly productive no matter where they are. These apps also are making it easier to create learning communities where leaders can share a range of information with other districts.

Indiana district wins $100K tech grant

The Noblesville School District has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the Indiana Department of Education’s Office of eLearning. The money will be used to support the district’s shift to 1-to-1 technology, including iPads for every student in one classroom in each elementary school.

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Digital Learning Report Card shows digital learning progress

Digital Learning Now!, a national initiative of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, released its 2013 Digital Learning Report Card measuring and grading K12 policies in all 50 states. In 2013, over 450 digital learning bills were debated and 132 were signed into law, bringing the total of enacted legislation since 2011 to more than 360.

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Calif. district's first responders get high-tech aid at schools

First responders are getting a new, high-tech tool designed to help police and firefighters, and keep students safer when emergencies occur in the Benicia USD's schools. Valued at $70,000, the pilot program was provided for free and will arm local first responders with detailed, high-resolution digital school maps on their computers.

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Ohio high school uses drone simulations for course

Drone simulations are being used to spark students' interest in technology careers through a new course at a southwestern Ohio high school. Students at Springfield's Greenon High School simulate the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to learn technology skills that can be used in a variety of industries.

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$200 million school tech plan abandoned in Utah budget

Utah House and Senate leaders have finally come to an agreement on the over $13 billion state budget following failed negotiations on a $200 million school technology initiative proposed by House Speaker Rebecca Lockhart.

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Baltimore County board approves $205 million tech contract

The seven-year implementation plan to put laptops/tablets in the hands of all Baltimore County school students starting this fall cleared a hurdle when the school board approved a $205 million contract.

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California naval air station schools open high-tech fitness rooms for kids

Courtesy of an $800,000 Department of Defense grant, two Lemoore Naval Air Station elementary schools have been able to build ‘Healthy Fitness’ indoor workout facilities with high-tech gaming systems designed to motivate and get kids moving.

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N.Y. lawmakers seek support for career and tech high school diploma

The 21st Century Education Initiative would overhaul the current diploma standard within the Board of Regents and the Department of Education. Two bills have been proposed to create a new specialized career and technical diploma, which will train students to fill manufacturing and high-tech jobs in New York.

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Ala. bill would let home-school students attend career tech

A proposed bill would allow home school and private school students to access public high schools’ career technical programs and extracurricular activities. Allowing non-traditional students into career tech programs will cost the local schools about $144 per student.

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