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Child obesity study takes high-tech twist

One group of freshmen at Florida's Lakewood High School are part of an assessment to launch a new study on fighting teenage obesity with technology. Following the assessment, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers will select about 50 overweight students and track their activity levels, sleep patterns and diets using a connected wristband and apps.

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In Florida district, Race to the Top money put to tech uses

As part of its $3.5 million award from the Race to the Top initiative, Bay District Schools recently transitioned to a single sign-on platform for teachers and students to access all school-related online activities. The district also is encouraging parents to let students participate in the BYOD program. It engages parents online through apps and online portals that provide real-time data about their student’s attendance, assignments and grades.

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For high school football coaches and fans, a new digital blitz

There is a technology revolution that is transforming high school football nationwide and creating opportunities for companies that supply equipment and services. Tech companies are creating high-tech football helmets and apps that track scores, stats, footage, recaps and more.

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Maryland county's middle schools welcome $1 million tech upgrade

Under Frederick County's Technology Now initiative, its middle schools will receive hundreds of Google Chromebooks, paid for by 1 million in taxpayer money. School officials hope to receive additional funding to get the Chromebooks in all of the county's elementary and high schools.

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Whiteboards advance to meet classroom technology needs

The standard whiteboard is evolving to keep up with advancements in learning technology. With today’s newer models—MimioDisplay, ActivBoard Touch and othersseveral students and teachers can work together on the same surface at the same time. Corresponding mobile apps also allow students to collaborate on their BOYD or 1-to-1 devices.

Sex offender digital check enhances safety in Florida schools

Administrators at Brevard County Public Schools have enhanced security this school year with a new system that automatically runs sexual predator checks on all visitors and streamlines the process for volunteers. The district previously used an internal software system to track visitors that did not include a background check.

California school district considers $34 million in tech upgrades

A proposal for the Santa Monica-Malibu USD provided a high-end estimate of what the first phase of their technology upgrade might cost. The $34 million would be spent on software, hardware and new staff. One big-ticket item, a network upgrade for 809 classrooms and workspaces, could cost about $9.2 million.

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North Carolina county's new technical high school short on students

Wake County’s new $24.5 million high school – the first in the district focused on teaching job skills – opened in August with plenty of high-tech equipment but only 28 percent of its planned capacity. School board members admit that only offering 10th through 12th grade was a mistake.

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High tech music experiment targets Louisiana elementary school

A group of students at an East Baton Rouge Parish School District elementary school have been picked to be part of an experiment called Piano Lab. The goal of the highly focused curriculum is to teach music to help students with reading and math with the high-tech aid of loaned Yamaha Clavinoa pianos that are actually electric keyboards.

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Measures approved to create a STEM center in Pa. district

The Norwin School Board is moving forward with a capital campaign and forming a fundraising steering committee to create a STEM center at its high school. The district also will develop financial projections for the center.

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