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Separate Wichita tech ed magnet school not likely to be built soon

In 2008, the Wichita board voted to invest $10 million to start a tech ed magnet school and $7 million toward high school tech ed projects. The tab has far exceeded the $1 million-per-school allocation and likely the $10 million as well, calling into question whether the separate magnet school will be built.

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Pa. school grants will pay for high-tech locks, scanners

Three districts plan to use Pennsylvania school safety grants to buy high-tech door locks that can be programmed to bar even those with access cards from entering at the wrong time. The districts also will install metal detectors as well as new computer software that can scan a driver’s license and do a quick background check on visitors.

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New Jersey county exploring new $48M tech school

The State Department of Education has agreed to pay roughly $48 million dollars to fund a new Cumberland County tech school. But where and how the school will be built is causing a stir in the community.

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$6 million high school digital arts center opens in San Lorenzo, Calif.

Students will soon be able to film movies and produce TV shows in a new digital arts studio with a 3,100-square-foot sound stage, a control room, an editing suite, a voice-over room and a TV studio complete with several cameras and a teleprompter.

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Western Wisconsin conference focuses on teaching with technology

Responding to requests from area educators, organizers decided to change the form of this year’s 108th annual Western Wisconsin Education Conference to focus completely on technology training.

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App creates cyber bullying concerns in Kansas district

A new social media messaging app is creating a cyber bullying problem in high schools across the nation after students in Mobile, Ala., were arrested on suspicion of making terroristic threats on the app YikYak.

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Chevron donates $260K to two California schools for STEM

Chevron celebrates National Engineers Week by giving back through a partnership with the Bakersfield City and Rosedale Union districts to help advance STEM education.

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New Mexico board approves tax hike for tech upgrades

The Santa Fe school board voted to approve a $55 million, five-year plan for technology upgrades at all schools in the district, and then voted to fund that plan by raising property taxes to generate about $11 million a year over the next five years.

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Scrutiny in California for software in schools

A lawmaker will introduce legislation that would shore up privacy and security protections for the personal information of K12 students, a move that could alter business practices across the nearly $8 billion ed tech software industry.

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