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President proposes better protection of student data

President Barack Obama has proposed the Student Data Privacy Act, which would prohibit technology firms from profiting from information collected in schools as teachers adopt tablets, online services and internet-connected software.

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A field guide for implementing blended learning

Blended learning is poised to transform education as we know it. We know the what and the why, but it’s not often we learn how. In their book, Blended, Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools, Michael Horn and Heather Staker lay out the components of successful blended learning programs, and challenge readers to create a culture that can make these innovations succeed.

Class around the clock

In many ways, the coming advancements in professional development mirror the trends in classroom instruction: personalization, real-world practice and greater opportunities through blended and online learning.

Huge Sanford school project goes to city’s voters

Sanford may be the site of the most expensive school construction project in Maine's history if residents vote mid-January to accept $92 million in state funds for a new high school and technical center.

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Five career-tech education bills effective in New Jersey

A package of five bills directed at high school technical programs, signed into law by Governor Chris Christie last month, set new standards for career-technical programs in New Jersey, including dual-enrollment programs with public colleges.

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New tech high school approved in Minnesota

The St. Cloud school district, after a 10-year debate about the future of Technical High School, will advance plans for a new high school. Architects' estimates suggest the facility could cost $100 million or more.

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Regional tech school discussions underway in Maryland

Early discussions about a possible new regional engineering technology high school are under way. The school would pool resources from five counties to better prepare students for careers in manufacturing and engineering, while making the region’s workforce more attractive to potential businesses.

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Students explore space with satellite photography

In November, middle school students from around the globe had the chance to take photos of Earth from the International Space Station. Sally Ride EarthKAM is a program meant to spark student interest in STEM subjects through photographing the earth from space.

Safety at high speed in schools

Whether students are accessing digital resources at home or school, they are leaving a trail of data, making privacy another top concern in 2015. Policymakers, parents, school board members and state legislators are asking questions about what data is being collected as teachers and students use online apps with increasing frequency.

New Jersey school district launches mobile app

The Deptford school district released a mobile application, available at no cost for iPhone and Android phones, that lets parents choose which schools they want updates from and sends out push notifications for districtwide announcements.

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